FAQ: S. -T. Yau High School Science Award

Q1: I signed up for the competition as a third-year high school student, but I will be in college when the National Final starts in December. Am I still eligible to participate?

A1: Yes. You are eligible to participate as long as you are a high school student at the time of your account registration.

Q2: Is it possible to form a team with students from different schools?

A2: No. Students from different schools are not allowed to form a team.

Q3: Must the team instructor be a teacher in my school?

A3: No. You can ask one of your high school teachers and/or someone from other schools or research institutes as your team instructor(s). But, it’s forbidden to hire an instructor from a commercial training institution or company. Please be sure to submit all information based on fact. If the Organizing Committee has enough reasons to believe the research report is finished under the guidance of a commercial training institution, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify the participating team and prize won.

Q4: Can I participate in the competition of two different disciplines?

A4: Yes. Students can compete for the Award in multiple disciplines, but you must register with a different account.

Q5: My paper covers Math and Physics. Can I compete in two disciplines at the same time using the same paper?

A5: No. One paper is not allowed to compete in two disciplines. Please think carefully and choose one discipline.

Q6: Can I compete for the Mathematics Award in two different teams?

A6: No. Each student can only register once within the same discipline.

Q7: I have registered an account. Can I use it to participate in different Award competitions?

A7: No. Each account is only valid for one team. When signing up for multiple disciplines, you need to register different accounts to participate in different subjects.

Q8: After account registration, can I still change team information?

A8: Yes, but only before the deadline for the submission of research reports, after which the information of participating instructors and students cannot be changed.

Reminder: Please be sure to submit all the information truthfully. If a team violates the integrity principle, the Organizing Committee will disqualify and publicize the team on the website, and inform the principals of relevant schools.

Q9: Can I still make changes to the research report after uploading it?

A9: Yes, but only from July 1 to September 15. In case of any changes made between these dates, a new version of the report can be uploaded to the system. However, no further changes can be made after September 15.

Q10: How is the Division determined? How do I know which division I belong to?

A10: The Division is determined according to the geographical location of your high school. For details on each division, please click http://www.yau-awards.com/page-rule.html .

Q11: Is there a description for the scope and evaluation criteria of each award?

A11: Please click http://www.yau-awards.com/page-criteria.html.

Q12: Must the research report be written in English?

A12: The Award encourages students to write the research reports in English. In the National Final in December, research reports and presentation slides must be submitted in English. Also, students have to defend in English. Before the National Final, there is no mandatory regulation.

Q13: Do I have to pay any participation fee?

A13: No. The Award does not charge any fees from participating students.

Q14: If my team has used a research report in other competitions or publications, can we still participate in the Award with the same report?

A14: Yes. If a student has participated, is participating, or will participate in other national or international competitions with the same research report, and/or a student has submitted/published or will submit/publish the same report, related information must be provided in the “research report submission” section when registering in the online system.

Q15: Can I mail hard copies of the required materials to the Organizing Committee for registration?

A15: No. Registration and the submission of all materials must be completed through the online system. Hard copies of these materials will not be accepted.

Q16: Who should register for overseas divisions, and how to register?

A16: Overseas Division (Asia)

-Eligibility: Middle school students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other Asian countries, except Mainland China.

-Registration link:https://yauaward-asia.hk

Overseas Division (North America)

-Eligibility: Middle school students from Overseas countries except Asian countries.

-Registration link: http://www.yau-science-awards.org/

Q17: Is there a competition guide book about how to participate?

A17: http://www.yau-awards.com/page-rule.html

Q18: Who should I contact if I have other questions?

A18: Mainland China Division: Please contact the Secretariat of the S. -T. Yau High School Science Award. Email Address: yau-award@tsinghua.edu.cn

Asia Division: (852) 3543 5915

North America Division: YAUHSA2019@gmail.com

Q19: Can junior high school students participate in the competition?

A19: Junior high school students in the Mainland China Division are not allowed to participate in the competition.

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Competition Headquarters Office:Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Jing Zhai, Tsinghua University, Hai Dian District, Beijing,China 100084



Contact Us:

Competition Headquarters Office:Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Jing Zhai, Tsinghua University, Hai Dian District, Beijing,China 100084